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Mark Nunan Aug 31, 2021

News - Hubli to attend the Business Travel Show Europe

The team at Hubli are excited to begin traveling again and meeting our clients at the Business Travel Show Europe from Sept 30th - Oct 1st 2021.

After a long break, the London show will be a great opportunity to connect again, along with discovering all the latest innovations that will help us adapt to the new remote working trend across the globe.

This year we will be competing in the Business Travel Innovation Faceoff. The development team at Hubli certainly haven't rested during the travel break! We are looking forward to showcasing all our latest technology that we think will be hugely beneficial to company's as they try to steer a new course around business travel, meetings and workspaces. From our new workspace module to sustainability tools, we will feature how you can empower your teams to find the space that they need to succeed.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to meet one of the team, use our convenient calendar tool here to arrange a face to face meeting.

Ciaran and the team are looking forward to catching up with you at the Excel in a few weeks!




Mark Nunan

Mark Nunan is Hubli's COO.