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Harish K Naidu Jul 07, 2022 1 min read

1-to-1 with Darcy Marie Boles – Shifting our mindset to enhance the employee experience

In this episode, Aurelie Krau is joined by Darcy Marie Boles, a culture architect and remote experience designer. They discuss how organizations can shift their mindset to redefine workplace models and the intentionality to build culture. Darcy shares tips on work/life harmony, how to build trust and meaningful relationships when teams meet in person.


***About Darcy Marie ***

Darcy Boles is a Future of Work Thought Leader, Culture Architect and Remote Experience Designer. She now operates her own consulting firm, "Shift with Darcy Marie" leaning into the ethos, "if you can shift your mindset, you can save your workplace". Her deepest why is that work doesn’t have to suck, and she has dedicated her career to ensuring that it doesn’t.

Darcy was leading remote teams before it was “a thing.” She pulls her design architecture from global experiences and cultures from around the world, using positive psychology research to align company ecosystems with shared intrinsic values and experiences. She believes that we all have the power to create a better world and live the lives of our wildest dreams when building flexible workplaces on a stakeholder mindset model. While she loves to travel and many would consider her a digital nomad, she spends most of her time in San Diego with her fiancé Dan, Golden Retriever Blanche, and a quiver of surfboards.

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