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Harish K Naidu Dec 13, 2022 < 1 min read

1-to-1 with Ben Park, Senior Director Procurement & Travel @ Parexel

In this episode, Aurelie Krau is joined by Ben Park, Senior Director Procurement & Travel PAREXEL. They discuss the new face of meetings and travel, how and why we meet, the new decentralized office and what solutions organizations can look for to account for this shift involving new stakeholders.

***About Ben Park***

Ben Park has been a global procurement expert for the last 12 years optimizing the company's Travel & Expense offering, creating value through enhancing service, promoting safety, and maximizing savings. Ben manages the Parexel Global Travel & Expense team and is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of the company's worldwide travel program.


***About hubli***

Hubli powers collaboration by offering teams a fast, easy way to find the perfect location to meet, focus or reconnect. Hubli is the global leader in on-demand meeting room, workspace, and group accommodation reservations with over 185,000 spaces around the world. Our Enterprise solution helps global companies empower their employees to work from anywhere, without sacrificing safety, sustainability, or control.

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